Our Menu

All items listed below are offered for suggested donation. Any proceeds that we make above covering our cost are donated to Hagar’s House, a local domestic violence shelter.

Coffee + Bagel w Topping = $3
Bagel w Topping + Juice + Dessert = $5

Coffee $2-2.50 (hot or iced) 
Tea $1-1.50
Chai Latte $2-2.50
Hot Chocolate $2-2.50
Juices $3-4 (apple berry, orange pineapple mango, blueberry lemonade, green smoothie)

Grilled cheese panini $3
Savory turnovers $3 (chorizo, cheese, or bean)
Bagel w topping $2.50 (hummus, yuppie cheese, guacamole, pesto, or plain cream cheese)
Chips and dip $3 (hummus, yuppie cheese, guacamole, pesto, or black bean dip)
Sweet bread slice $1 (banana, pumpkin, sweet potato, or beet) 
Chocolate chip cookies 3 for $1
Fruit 75c