Our Menu

All items listed below are offered for suggested donation. Any proceeds that we make above covering our cost are donated to Hagar’s House, a local domestic violence shelter.

Espresso Drinks   12oz/16oz

Cafe Americano—$2.50/$3.00
Extra Shot—$0.50

Coffee & Tea       12oz/16oz

Hot Coffee (Reg. or Decaf)—$2.00/$2.50
Cold Brew (Reg. or Decaf)—$2.00/$2.50
Chai Latte—$2.00/$2.50
Yerba Mate/Green Matcha—$2.50/$3.00
Various Hot Teas–$1.00/$1.50

Juices (Made in-house)

Apple Berry—$3.00/$4.00
Orange Pineapple Mango—$3.00/$4.00

Bagels and Paninis

Bagel & Cream Cheese—$2.50
Bagel & Hummus or Vegan Pesto—$3.00
Bagel & Yuppie Cheese—$3.00
Cheese Panini—$3.00
Turkey & Cheese Panini—$4.00
Salmon and Yuppie Cheese Panini–$5.00
Vegan Pesto or Hummus Panini—$3.00
Add Pesto or Hummus—$0.50

Snacks & Desserts

Hummus & Pita Chips—$3.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies (3)—$1.00
Vegan Pumpkin Bread—$1.00
Chocolate Muffins—$2.00