Welcome to Wesley!

NOLA Wesley is a United Methodist campus ministry that operates on the campuses of Tulane and Loyola in New Orleans. We are open to people of all faiths who want to spend time with Jesus. Our life together is defined by four core values: open table, safe space, changed lives, transformed world.

Home Away from Home

Wesley’s building is available for studying, hanging out, and prayer/meditation throughout the year in our lounges, the worship space (when no groups are meeting), and the back courtyard.  We have free WIFI and are stocked with snacks and drinks.  Please make yourself at home!

Our Core values:

Open Table: We believe in grounding our lives in community, so we start our week centered around the open table that we share at our dinner and worship every Sunday night from 5-6:30 pm.

Safe Space: We believe in creating safe spaces for students with a diversity of spiritual journeys and where no questions are taboo. For this purpose, we have a variety of small group offerings each week which may include book studies, scripture, prayer services, and yoga.

Changed Lives: We accept everyone the way they are, and we also expect that our lives will be changed by Jesus so we challenge each other to grow spiritually.

Transformed World: We believe that God wants to transform the world through us. To this end, we seek ways to be of service and fight for justice in the New Orleans community.